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0017820phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic21-06-18 13:01
Reporterhedrickbt Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04 LTS
Summary0017820: Adding additional content fields to be used in templates.
Description1. Add content1-10 and textcontent1-10 fields to message table.

2. On the Content tab under compose message, add text boxes for message 1 - 10. Unfortunately I was unable to use the current gui friendly editor. As soon as I tried to host more than 1 on the same page, the page would not render. So, for now, if you want to use HTML, you have to look at source code.

3. In your template, you can use [CONTENT1]-[CONTENT10] to access the values you entered.
Additional InformationI have forked the git project to and will be creating a pull request.



09-09-15 15:34

administrator   ~0056760

changes like that should be done with a plugin. would you be sble to wrap the code in a plugin instead of changing core?


09-09-15 16:28

administrator   ~0056761

here's some info to get you started on plugins


09-09-15 16:30

administrator   ~0056762

also, check out


10-09-15 09:01

manager   ~0056763

The sounds awesome! Someone on the forums was just asking about this a few days ago. Would be a cool project :) Let me know if you want testing help, we can write a blog like we did for this new plugin


10-09-15 14:40

reporter   ~0056767

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Here's how I ended up with modifying phpList instead of a plugin or PBTS...

1. The phpList site itself recommends using PBTS for this use case. PBTS is not just a plugin - it requires changes to core code. This gave me the impression that plugins must not have the necessary API to provide the functionality PBTS does.


10-09-15 14:40

reporter   ~0056768

2. The PBTS changes are nice, but not simple. The average PHP app _user_ may find the PBTS changes a bit daunting. IIRC, it also changes the editor you use - this changing the user experience.


10-09-15 14:40

reporter   ~0056769

3. If you go with the PBTS answer, updating your phpList installation is going to be made more difficult. More difficult means that people will avoid updating and will miss out on important fixes, security patches, and new features. I would not be doing my coworkers a service by complicating the process of updating phpList.


10-09-15 14:40

reporter   ~0056770

4. PBTS doesn't look to be maintained. From what I can see it was written in 2005 and according to the phpList forums, looks to have been abandoned:


10-09-15 14:40

reporter   ~0056771

Re: [plugin] PBTS_XTRA - Mulitple Content Areas in Template
Postby Dragonrider ยป 8:15pm, Sat 11 May, 2013

I've emailed the original poster and asked if he was still able and willing to support this plugin but unfortunately, he's moved on in the last 5-7 years since writing the plugin and is unable to help now.

I'm sorry to say this seems to signify the end of this plugin.

Update May 21 2013: We hope to share some great news on this plugin shortly!


10-09-15 14:40

reporter   ~0056772

5. Because PBTS isn't part of core and isn't being maintained, I would be reluctant to use it at this point. There is likely different/better ways of doing this now and it is even possible PBTS isn't compatible any more.


10-09-15 14:41

reporter   ~0056774

I will look into the plugin possibility. Right now, I have met the need for my users, but I will have to explain to them that the approach I took wasn't appropriate and that I am unwilling to provide my changes in production unless the upstream project will accept them.

Sorry if this comes off too strong. I am a bit frustrated. I understand I am new to phpList so I know I need to figure out how best to work within this project.

Also, sorry about multiple posts, but when I tried with 1 post, it failed adding the note. I tried from FF and Chrome and both failed multiple times.



10-09-15 15:05

administrator   ~0056775

Yes, I didn't point to PBTS for it being a working solution. It was a plugin made a very long time ago, and most likely will not work any longer. It was more to have as a reference and maybe use some of the code.

The plugin functionality has been changed a lot and for example you can set a plugin to be the editor for campaigns. Maybe that is a good way to include your code.

I will try to find some time to review what you've done and see how easy it is to either include in core or wrap into a plugin. For all purposes. this functionality is a great addition and we should make sure it can be used.

Can you outline the license of your code? To get it included in the core of phpList, you will need to sign the CLA ( but as a plugin, you can license it with anything compatible to the AGPL.


10-09-15 16:01

reporter   ~0056783

Thank you for your consideration.

Here's my pull request:

I am using 3.0.12, but I made my changes on the github base/master version. Let me know if you need me to create a pull based on 3.0.12 instead.

I have contributed before and signed the CLA - unless I need to sign it for each contribution.


10-09-15 16:59

administrator   ~0056784

Great. I'm wrapping up 3.2.0, so I'm not sure when I have time to check it out, it may take a little while.

Sorry, I should have checked about the CLA. Thanks, not you do not need to sign it every time.

It's best to work with the github master at all times.


10-09-15 17:43

administrator   ~0056785

Ah, Duncan seems to have worked on something similar:


11-09-15 10:00

updater   ~0056795

I'm currently wrapping-up the release of a plugin, Content Areas, that allows any number of content areas to be defined and edited individually. I had hoped to be able to charge for it but that hasn't happened so I am making it publicly available.


11-09-15 11:05

manager   ~0056799

Hi Duncan, that sounds great. We still have a long term plan for plugins to help with funding them etc, however, it's still some time away.


11-09-15 14:05

reporter   ~0056806

Hey @duncanc,

How soon are you thinking it will be when I would be able to take a look and see if it works for our needs?



12-09-15 11:52

updater   ~0056809

The ContentAreas plugin is now available on GitHub -

Please note the dependencies for php and phplist, and the two phplist files that need to be replaced (for release 3.0.12).

See for guidance on usage.


14-09-15 01:38

reporter   ~0056810

Hi @duncanc,

Nice work and thank you for sharing the information about your plugin. Unfortunately, at least for now, the install instructions won't work for our usage.

We need to be able to upgrade phpList without having to worry about changes being made to the core phpList software files.

The instructions require replacing the following core files ( I am on 3.0.12 ) with the plugin's version:


This makes it difficult to take updates/patches from the core team as security issues are fixed or new features are released.

The plugin does look like it would work very well, but won't work for our usage.



14-09-15 07:39

updater   ~0056811

I will be upgrading the plugin with the modified file (only one file for the 3.2.0RC1 release) for future releases, as I too will want to upgrade phplist.

Possibly I can submit a change to core phplist that would remove the need to modify the file but that's not going to happen immediately.

You can see the actual change to the sendemaillib.php file in GitHub


14-09-15 10:07

manager   ~0056812

Possibly I can submit a change to core phplist that would remove the need to modify the file but that's not going to happen immediately.

> Is this for a technical reason etc? It's probable that we would support a change to core in order to make this plugin work, as it's so needed... so long as it's secure, safe etc.