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0017800phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic27-08-15 15:48
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Summary0017800: Add a "send confrimation email" button to some or even all places where you add subscribers
DescriptionThere are many ways to add subscribers and so methods may or may not send a confirmation email based on a wide mix of factors.

In some places, for example, the admin version of the list subscribe page, it would be useful to have a "send confirmation email" button.

In some situations, like with private lists, it is hard to re-confirm people who have accidentally blacklisted themselves or worse clicked spam.

I have had an ongoing low-level number of queries about whether or not a confirmation email is sent in x or y situation, and often we just don't know the answer it seems. Adding a button or a checkbox that categorically overrides whatever the system is doing would be a simple way to clarify.
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27-08-15 15:48

administrator   ~0056668

there are a few problems with this:

1. when you import, this is a different process from sending a message. Sending the request for confirmation message once every so often when someone subscribes is fine, but when you import you are importing potentially thousands of addresses and you'd be sending thousands of emails at that very moment. That has two problems, one is that is slows down the import and two is that you may overload your server, go over your sending limits or any other kind of problem with sending too many mails at the same time.

2. It used to exist, but I removed it, because it can also be used to get around the sending limits on .com and therefore is an open gateway for spamming.


the best solution is to import everyone and then send them a campaign. This can be resolved differently. Eg the invite plugin is one option, we can think of other options.