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0017789phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic11-05-17 21:25
Reportersd3pk3 Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.12 
Target Versioninternationalization 
Summary0017789: translations of "Requeue" can be confusing
DescriptionIf you want to resend a campaign, it does not work
Steps To Reproduce1. Create campaign and send it
2. Go to sent campaigns and resend it
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11-08-15 09:45

administrator   ~0056593

I cannot reproduce this. Can you explain a little bit more what steps to take?

When you resend a campaign, it will only go out to subscribers who have not received it yet.


11-08-15 11:03

reporter   ~0056597

Underdstood, so this is not a bug. I thought it would send the whole campaign again to all subscribers. This is not self explainatory, same about this here:

Maybe we can adjust titles of buttons? In my opinions you pretend a functionality which does not exist.


11-08-15 11:40

reporter   ~0056600

What about "Process unsent messages" insted of "Requeue"?

In German, its maybe more confusing, because it says "Erneut senden" which means "Send again".


11-08-15 12:10

manager   ~0056601

Part of the issue here is that you would never (normally) want to send the same campaign to the same person twice.

In situations where you do want to send the campaign again to everyone, for example when the content changes dynamically so it is actually a new campaign, then there is an option in the scheduling tab to make that possible.

Can you describe the situation you have? Why do you want to send the campaign several times to the same subscribers?


12-08-15 19:06

reporter   ~0056604

I wanted to resend a campaign to adjust and test different queue settings.
As I found the butten "Erneut senden" (Requeue) in the German backend, I thought "cool, this is what I need" and as it did not work, I thought this must be a bug until you corrected me here.
So its more a translation which could be revised and/or a feature request.


13-08-15 07:53

manager   ~0056605

I am not sure, the phrase "requeue" is clearer if you understand the fundamentals of phpList. When you queue a campaign, you are not really "sending" it exactly, the sending is a small part and also only partly done by phpList.

The queue system goes though all the lists and subscribers and placeholders in the campaign and makes sure everything is correct.

For example if you send a campaign to three lists and the same subscriber happens to be on more than one of them, the queue process makes sure they don't get two copies, only one. If you have used [FIRST NAME] placeholder, then the queue system inserts the first name from the subscriber profile into the campaign.

The emails are sent after the queue stage, almost.

I think if you had not been running a test, you would have been happier with this terminology, as you would not have wanted to re-queue :)


13-08-15 09:20

administrator   ~0056606

gingerling, the reporter is not debating the choice of the English word "requeue", but rather the translation of this word into German as "Erneut senden", which means "send again".

I think we should raise this on the translators mailinglist.

The word "requeue" is kind of made up. does not have it:

and Google cannot translate it

But clearly, it communicates correctly (in English) what it is supposed to do.


13-08-15 09:38

administrator   ~0056607

ah yes I see :) I agree. Sd3pk3, are you on the translators mailing list? Information can be found here


13-08-15 21:36

reporter   ~0056619

… I subscribed to the list today!


14-08-15 10:40

manager   ~0056623

great :) Could you send an email summarising the issue - I hope we will get some German replies :)


14-08-15 15:07

administrator   ~0056628

I will write to the list.


05-10-15 12:52

administrator   ~0056954

gingerling, can you raise this on the list?