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0017649phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic11-10-18 15:20
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.12 
Target Versionnext patch 
Summary0017649: Click tracking decoding urlencoded characters
DescriptionA problem with click tracking urldecoding a url, see

A literal & had been encoded as %26 but that had been decoded for the url stored in the linktrack_forward table.

As this seems such a basic problem I searched for a similar bug report but surprisingly could not find one. Maybe I am misunderstanding things but I don't understand why a url in a message needs to be urldecoded (which is done in the function parseQueryString() in lib.php).
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related to 0017596 assignedbacklog Links containig a uid are changed to something different 
related to 0017638 new special characters in links converted and breaking links 



21-04-15 10:06

administrator   ~0056026

looking back in the logs, originally it used "parse_str", but that turned full stops into underscores, so that eg "param=" was replaced with param=1_2_3_4

so, to avoid that, the parseQueryString was created. This is, in order to be able to remove certain parameters from the URL, eg PHPSESSID and uid.

In fact, this caused another issue, which is the uid one.


16-02-18 07:34

updater   ~0060012

This problem has been reported again in the user forum

Any chance of this being addressed, or at least a discussion of what the solution might be?


16-02-18 15:45

manager   ~0060015

@duncanc Thanks for raising this again; strange that it has not been reported more often. I have not noticed it in my own campaigns. Assigned.


21-09-18 09:55

updater   ~0061147

A quick fix but the whole area could do with reworking and simplifying.