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0017630phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic16-01-19 09:46
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Fixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0017630: [Enhancement] Select all lists in a category
DescriptionHi there,

I'm quite new in phplist community. I have many lists (i.e: > 20) and the lists have been categorised. I modified my phplist so that when I want to send a campaign I have an option to select all lists in a category, therefore I don't have to tick all the boxes one by one in that category. I thought I might just share my fix and see if it could help anyone.

Thank you,


Steps To ReproducePrep:
- Make sure you have more than 1 categories for your list and you have categorised you lists.

1. Login to backend
2. Go to Campaigns -> Send a Campaign -> Start a new message
3. Go to the list tab

At the moment, there isn't an option to select all lists under the category.
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parent of 0017842 new Select all tweak: confusing to see select all on selected lists tab 
has duplicate 0016915 new Send a message to an entire category of lists 
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30-03-15 20:17

reporter   ~0055996

This is in phplist 3.0.12


30-03-15 20:31

reporter   ~0055997

Need to have dressprow theme enabled in the phplist.


01-04-15 10:22

manager   ~0056000

Hi, you would be welcome to share your fix - can you do it by github? This is the primary repository for phpList 3


03-04-15 13:52

administrator   ~0056003


21-05-15 14:14

administrator   ~0056134

fix ready on PR. Needs CLA to continue.


06-07-15 16:28

administrator   ~0056313

would be nice to get this into the next version (due soon). Any news from the legal dept?


28-08-15 11:03

administrator   ~0056683

I rewrote it a little to pull the JS Into the application code, instead of the UI code.