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0017590phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic15-05-17 16:16
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Summary0017590: Remove Branding in emails for commerical users (Paid upgrade?)
DescriptionPHPlist has many files that have many different ways to adding the PHPlist branding onto emails, both transactional and campaigns.

Many business users like myself, cannot have other brands on our emails, so we spend hours removing all traces of that, PHPlist gets no support and our time is spend doing this every time we upgrade (Which is rare because it takes so long)

PHPlist could offer a 1 time fee for commercial users, give them a licences key to be put into config.php and remove all email branding and in the webpage footers. Similar to, the fee could be applied to every major version, giving users a better option than editing all the files themselves, while still supporting PHPlist.

If this sounds like something PHPlist would be interested in, I'd be happy to help in any way possible make this happen.
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27-01-15 18:26

administrator   ~0055895

yes, that is interesting, and I've been thinking about how to do that easily.

I think a license key is one way. Another would be to open an account on for download only and then download your personal copy every time there's an upgrade.

Do you think that's workable?


27-01-15 18:35

reporter   ~0055896

You could automate it with your build system. First consolidate every place that the link or image is inserted and turn it into a function (The get function) in its own file. Then provide a wrapper function (in a different file) - which checks for the existence of the get function, and then calls it. For the commercial version you just delete that single file when you make a release, possible automatically. The wrapper function then still works, no errors, and just returns no data.

Or same idea, consolidate the code that returns those links/images into one function, for the commercial version, just empty it, or pass it a global that says to return nothing.

If you went the licences key version, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads have ways to create licences keys for ideas just like this - but it wouldn’t have to be that complex, it could be a short script that connects to phplist once a week and checks the validity of the key.


15-05-17 16:16

manager   ~0059067

This is not currently planned for addition.