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0017587phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic03-02-15 12:33
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.11 
Target Version3.0.XFixed in Version3.0.12 
Summary0017587: Send the queue in browser not reloading
DescriptionIn the user forums a few people have reported problems with processing the queue in a browser after upgrading to release 3.0.11.

This seems to have been a problem with earlier releases of phplist 3, but has something been changed in 3.0.11?
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26-01-15 14:10

administrator   ~0055894

does it not reload at all? Or is there a long delay. What I recall is that I changed the delay time, but will have to check.


28-01-15 17:31

reporter   ~0055898

I let mine run all night and it does not update at all until I manually refresh the page. Nothing has changed in my environment except for the update to 3.0.11.


One other thing that may be related. On the "Processing queued campaigns" screen, the line that says "Waiting for x seconds before reloading". The x used to come from the MAILQUEUE_BATCH_PERIOD and now it is always 30. Looking at line 268 in processqueue.php the 30 comes from the $delaytime.

Is there a place to download the prior version of PHPList, or of this one file, to compare?


02-02-15 12:43

administrator   ~0055907

Hmm, that's quite big. I'll try to update this this week. Am at FOSDEM at the moment, but back later today.


02-02-15 14:17

administrator   ~0055908

in file admin/actions/processqueue.php change the line

    if (empty($GLOBALS['inRemoteCall']) && empty($GLOBALS['commandline']) && empty($_GET['ajaxed'])) {


    if (empty($GLOBALS['inRemoteCall']) && empty($GLOBALS['commandline'])) {


02-02-15 14:44

administrator   ~0055909

I think that solves it, but if a few people can try this and let me know if it doesn't, that would be great.


02-02-15 22:43

reporter   ~0055911

I've tried this, it doesn't seem to resolve the issue.


02-02-15 23:17

reporter   ~0055912

Correction - it IS working - my mistake. I didn't give it enough time. The queue now reloads automatically. Thanks for the fix!


02-02-15 23:22

administrator   ~0055913

phew, I was already worried. Thanks for letting me know.


03-02-15 09:02

updater   ~0055914

Given the number of reports in the forums about this problem, possibly a new release is needed.


03-02-15 09:39

reporter   ~0055915

Have posted solution link as well as updated forum post along with an amended file for those uncomfortable with editing core files.


03-02-15 10:22

administrator   ~0055916

yes, I agree and will do a non-security release today


03-02-15 12:33

administrator   ~0055918

3.0.12 is now available: