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0017537phplist applicationMessage Managementpublic19-11-14 16:4011-09-15 14:27
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Target Version3.1.XFixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0017537: free text title and annotation for Campaigns
DescriptionIt would be really nice if, like mailchimp, we could have an optional admin name for an email campaign. This way, there would be a subject line, but admins could keep track of campaigns they send multiple times, or multiple drafts of the same campaign, or even just provide additional notes to help them find emails.

I send some emails multiple times, or have multiple versions in the queue and its sometimes impossible to tell them apart without looking at the code. I'm sure this could be useful to others too.
TagsUI Improvements
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related to 0017824new Subject/titile issues since meta title introduction 

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michiel (manager)
19-11-14 16:52

what do you mean with "admin name"? Something like a free text label for a campaign?
alpha1 (reporter)
19-11-14 16:58

Yeah. Mailchimp had a subject line field, and a campaign name - which is for their users only, but a textarea, or any type of field for a notation would be wonderful.

Use case: I sent 3 campaigns every month, all with the same subject line, and same email, except for the google analytics trackigg code.
Some markers send emails multiple times, or slightly tweaked, or to different lists, and this could be used to group them, add more details, and maybe even notes once the campaign went out, such as preformance notes.
gingerling (manager)
19-11-14 22:05

sounds good, we have a/b testing feature proposed for phpList 4. This would make a good middle step.
michiel (manager)
01-07-15 12:52 [^]
gingerling (manager)
11-08-15 16:52

M, there is an issue with the display of this in .org version (it's okay on .com)

see screenshot
michiel (manager)
11-08-15 22:55

open a new issue
gingerling (manager)
10-09-15 16:40


the statistics page is only using this new meta title and not the subject.

It should either use both or just the subject.
gingerling (manager)
10-09-15 16:53


under the RC process, we should fix that within this same issue really. Just needs a little css or something.
gingerling (manager)
10-09-15 16:56

0017537:0056778 same issue on .com dashboard (see second screenshot)
michiel (manager)
11-09-15 14:12

can you make that a new issue please

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