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0017513phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic16-01-19 09:56
Reporterairelle Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.10 
Fixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0017513: When [CONFIRMATIONURL] (?p=confirm) is loaded, PHPList should check if user is NOT confirmed **before** sending welcome email ag
DescriptionA confirmation email is sent to the list manager and to the subscriber **each time** he loads the [CONFIRMATIONURL] which is included in the message sent upon subscription (the link looks like

Some users forgets to close the tab in their navigator and each time they launch it, the confirmation emails are sent again, and again and again. I received some of them 6/7 times... and with hundred of new subscribers each day, it's really a problem...

Would it be possible to **check** if the user has already confirmed his subscription **before** that PHPList send confirmation emails (and do nothing if the user has already confirmed) ??
Steps To Reproduce- a new user subscribe to a newsletter
- he receives a welcome message which contains the [CONFIRMATIONURL] link (
- each time he clicks on this link, the confirmation process is run and an email il sent to him, an email is sent to the list manager.
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29-10-14 22:30

administrator   ~0055582

yes, good point


19-03-15 09:11

updater   ~0055977

There is a further problem with the solution to this issue, reported on the user forum

When someone who is already confirmed signs up using another subscribe page that offers a different list then he will not be sent the "welcome" email, because he is already confirmed.

The real cause of the problem seems to be that phplist doesn't hold confirmed/unconfirmed against each subscribe page/list, so I don't see how it can distinguish between the cases of clicking the same confirmation link again, or clicking a confirmation link that is for a different subscribe page/list.

The original issue, of receiving repeated welcome emails, although annoying, seems less of a problem than not sending the welcome email at all after subscribing to a separate list.


19-03-15 17:22

administrator   ~0055979

Maybe we need to add a timeout. Eg when the last confirmation was sent more than X minutes ago, we can send it again.

That doesn't help though when the page is reloaded on a browser session restore.


08-07-15 12:35

administrator   ~0056371

the confirmation is now remembered in the session with "subscriberConfirmed" which is cleared on the subscribe page, so that it will work with a new subscribe page