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0017509phpList 3 applicationInstallationpublic06-07-15 18:07
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Product Version3.0.10 
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Summary0017509: Remove the index.html file and DirectoryIndex
DescriptionIn the default directory of phpList are two files: index.html and index.php. There is a .htaccess directive to make index.php the default. This needs "AllowOverride Indexes".

In my setup I have no AllowOverride Indexes because I don't need it and just enabled the features that I need. So after the installation of phpList I got a error 500. I removed the line from the .htacess causing the error, but now apache picks the index.html file for servings. After the deletion of the index.html file everything works fine.

So in fact index.php would be the default, if there were not the index.html saying to enable DirectoryIndex.

I'd say it would be a much nice OOB experience if there were neither the DirectoryIndex entry in the .htaccess nor the index.html. Everything would work fine without any configuration.

I understand that the directive is there for servers that don't pick up index.php as default if present, but I my opinion that server/php installation is serverly broken then. I could not name any major PHP-Script that uses this "trick" (WordPress etc.).

In fact phpList just request a permission absoultly not needed to overwrite a configuration that should be default anyway. This sounds very stupid to me.
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28-10-14 09:20

administrator   ~0055577

hmm, bit of a catch 22. For some server settings, the way it is makes it more OOB. That has worked for 10 years. But I guess things have changed in the meantime and everyone has followed phpList :-) into using the index.php as standard for the directory.

So, you got the 500 on the AllowOverride Indexes ? I'd imagine it should be possible to leave that. I can see removing the index.html, but that's why I made it explain about this situation. I can also update it to link to the documentation.

I think something that easily explains a 500 error in the docs would be best for now, but I'm not sure how widespread your setup is in comparison to setups where the current settings are more OOB.


28-10-14 13:25

reporter   ~0055579

In debian the default value for AllowOverride is "None", and I just added what was needed (instead of just changing it to "All"). But I think most people just change this to "All".

Maybe you should also add a comment for this in the .htaccess. It took me some time to find out the DirectoryIndex settings was causing the error, Apache is not very talky about this...


28-10-14 16:26

administrator   ~0055580

Googling "phplist 500" returns a forum thread that has this situation mentioned somewhere halfway. So, in most cases, it should be easy to find the fix.

Now the main question remains, what to do as the default in the archive file. I think this needs a vote.