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0017493phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic17-12-14 17:42
Reporteroboumati Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinux ServerOSDebianOS VersionSqueeze
Product Version3.0.10 
Target Version3.0.XFixed in Version3.0.11 
Summary0017493: mysql_affected_rows() function not found
DescriptionWhen $database_module is set to "" in confg.php, an error occured in sessionlib.php on line 69 because the function mysql_affected_rows() is not defined.

It should be replace by sql_affected_rows() which is defined in and regarding the choice made in the configuration file.
Steps To ReproduceSet
$database_module = "";
in config.php
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23-10-14 11:39

administrator   ~0055495

where does this have an effect? which pages go wrong?


23-10-14 13:12

reporter   ~0055499

If $SessionTableName is set to a table name and $database_module is set to "" in config.php, to store session in database, all pages using session goes wrong.


23-10-14 13:22

administrator   ~0055500

ah, interesting. I haven't used the DB based sessions for years. It used to be a Webbler related feature.


23-10-14 15:00

reporter   ~0055524

In all my projects, as soon as possible, I prefer the DB based sessions.
Except this error, it works well ;-)