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0017468phpList 3 applicationConfigurationpublic21-06-18 13:00
Reportergingerling Assigned To 
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Product Version3.0.8 
Summary0017468: config.php and config_extended.php
Descriptiona lot (all) people on manual so far seem to feel config.php is not detail enough. everyone renames config_extended.php to config.php and uses that.

Suggestions are that difficult/advanced freatures could be separated with a large line or something, but that this should be one file

Just putting this note here to table the discussion really



13-10-14 10:05

administrator   ~0055403

This could become a discussion on default values in the config.

Basically the idea is that in config.php you just set the DB and Mailbox details and that's it. For the rest, phpList defaults to all the options you want, the way you want them.

So, which are the options from config_extended that people change in order to make it work the way they want? Maybe we need to change the default value for those.


14-10-14 11:11

manager   ~0055411

ftr, so far, I think it's fine as it is, but I said I would open up this discussion.


28-11-14 15:24

updater   ~0055739

From the user forum there is still confusion with people making changes to config_extended.php and expecting them to take effect.

I wasn't aware of any real problems when config.php held all of the options so didn't understand the need for two files.
A better approach would be to have only the database connection details in config.php and the rest maintained through the user interface.

When I install phplist I rename the files and make these changes, so perhaps some of the defaults could be changed, but some of the these changes are customer specific.
display text credits instead of images
set the image upload directory
use excel formatting for csv files
enable advanced bounce processing
disable manually process queue and manually process bounces
set batch size
sometimes set an smtp server
enable click tracking