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0017463phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-10-18 13:36
Reportergingerling Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Product Version3.0.8 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0017463: Add 'use default' button to reset the campaign footer content to the system default via ajax
DescriptionIf I follow this workflow

1) create draft campaign and test
2) decide I don't like footer
3) got to config > Settings and edit/replace default footer

4) nothing I can think of will make that new footer automatically appear in footer box of the campaign or in test campaigns, even if I save and exit and renter etc.

while it is possible to just add the new footer in the compose window "this one time" it is unclear if the new footer is actually working till a new campaign is created.

I think this is a bug then
Tagsquick-fix, UI Improvements



24-11-14 11:16

administrator   ~0055720

well, the config footer is used when creating a new campaign from scratch. Once it is set, you need to edit it in the campaign. We could add a "use default" button to the footer or something, as a new feature.


24-11-14 12:32

manager   ~0055723

yes, or "restore default"


08-07-15 09:57

administrator   ~0056358

it's unlikely you change the default often. This should be mostly dealt with by documenting:

1. default is set once
2. new campaign uses default to start BUT THEN ALLOWS CHANGING IT


08-07-15 12:48

manager   ~0056367

You know, I have bumped into this again and again with our footers. Like the last campaign from announce just went out with the wrong one. I really hate the way footers is dealt with, it's so much trickier than the rest of templates :/


16-07-15 11:48

manager   ~0056457

So, having talked with Michiel just now, the "restore default footer" button option is the one we think is best.


16-07-15 11:53

administrator   ~0056458

The main issue here is to implement it with Ajax.

When you are editing a campaign, you don't want to leave the page, so it would be nice to have a button next to the footer that says "Use default", which then fetches the default footer from the config (with Ajax) and puts it in the footer field, without the need to refresh.


19-10-18 13:36

manager   ~0061245

This could be implemented fairly simply -- the ajax just needs to get the default footer content from the database (existing functions are available for that), and then replace whatever footer content is currently there in the textfield input with the content which was previously retrieved.