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0017451phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic06-07-15 18:07
Reportermichiel Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.8 
Target Versionnext minor 
Summary0017451: rethink forwarding tracking and process
DescriptionThe forwarding feature doesn't seem to be used a lot. People do not trust it, and will forward with their own application instead.

This has all kinds of complications:

1. we can't track it and set statistics
2. the forwarded person unsubscribes, or updates the details of the forwarder.

For (1) we could consider it a forward if the open-tracker is used from a different IP address. However, this may count viewing on desktop and mobile as a forward. Maybe a different IP and same "device type" would be a forward.

For (2) we currently send a notification to inform about the update and unsubscribe, but this could do with some updating. Also, make it harder to update the details of an existing subscriber. This could be done by requiring a password, but that raises unnecessary obstacles.

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