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0017419phplist applicationAll Otherpublic25-09-14 19:2016-10-14 16:11
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Target Version3.0.9Fixed in Version3.0.9 
Summary0017419: Adding template chapter, confusion with images
DescriptionSo this is one problem I have been stuck on for weeks

I have been working on this chapter about templates with Mariez [^]

I am using the phpList announcements template
The Download version of phpList on Dragonriders server
I am uploading the template from a file (attached)

The template has an image in [^]
When I add the template it asks me if I want to upload the images in the list below, but no images are listed
When I send a test using the template no image is visible, just text
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Attached Fileshtml file icon phpList_template.html [^] (2,261 bytes) 25-09-14 19:20
png file icon Screenshot from 2014-10-16 15:58:50.png [^] (102,566 bytes) 16-10-14 16:01

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related to 0004221resolvedmichiel PHPList - Edit Template Problem 
related to 0017475resolvedmichiel template upload and images - remove the no-images step alltogether 

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michiel (manager)
25-09-14 19:26

not good to be stuck for weeks!
michiel (manager)
25-09-14 21:03

the reason is that the image exists, so there is no need to upload it.
michiel (manager)
25-09-14 21:03

so, not a bug, but intended functionality.
mariez (developer)
26-09-14 00:28

" When I send a test using the template no image is visible, just text"

But I can see the image in the template you attach here.
You have to be connected to see it, because the img source is the address of an online image. If you are connected and still don't see the image, send me a test to me, so i can take a look to the code of the mail you sent.
gingerling (administrator)
26-09-14 11:22

mmm, today I see the image. I haven't even rebooted my machine over night - yesterday it simply was not there in any email...


M: the reason is that the image exists, so there is no need to upload it.

The I don't understand this. The image is linked with the src tag thing as any image in any template would be. So, what other way could this situation unfold? What is the point of the add image screen?

Mariez: thanks I will let you know if this happens again. It was very strange, I was looking at it for a long time, trying to find why this image would not work, and then today it did, but I had not changed anything I don't think...
michiel (manager)
26-09-14 11:31

The page will only ask to upload images that don't exist. If the image is linked with src to a remote location and it exists, there, it will not ask to upload it.

Now, change the code to refer to a non-existing image and try again.
gingerling (administrator)
26-09-14 13:33

mmm yes I see. It's very confusing though, especially as there are check boxes on the page before about checking images having full url etc that seem to not relate to this but sound like the might.

Also, it's confusing because I am not sure how it would be used correctly

in this case I changed the image url to" [^] which does not exist

I upload a random picture when prompted

then when I send a test email using that template I get THIS code

href=3D""><img [^] alt=3D"" style=3D"borde=
r: 0px;" src=3D"cid:c240cd81c8a9bbd9285ad9ab85cfae47" /></a></td>

which gives me the image attached (what is it's actual url though?) and a link to

I don't understand how someone would use this normally

In their template, what would they write for the image link? logo.png? and the upload logo png?
mariez (developer)
26-09-14 15:43

You have to link the image to an existing file. That file could be online like: [^]
OR offline, like a local file in your machine. If the link is online you will not be able to upload the file because is already online. If the link is local you will be able to upload the file. In your last example with NAMEY_NAME.png, you put an online path where should be a local path. So the problem is that the path is wrong.
In other words: if you open your template file in your browser as a local file, and your image is broken, it will be broken in your email too, because the path is wrong. The image path must be ok in your template before uploaded, to be ok in your email. So you have to SEE the image in your template before upload it.
mariez (developer)
26-09-14 15:47
edited on: 26-09-14 15:50

I think the confusion is that when Michiel said "the image exist", he is saying "the image exist (IN THE SERVER)". But in all cases the image must exist in the universe. :)

michiel (manager)
26-09-14 16:11

yes, mariela is right.

Also on 0017419:0055171 do you see the image or not in the message you receive? Presumably you do. It does not have a URL. It's in the message. That's the whole point of uploading images to the template, they get included in the message (and therefore show even if images are blocked or the internet is down).
gingerling (administrator)
26-09-14 16:42

oh, yeah, sorry I am not explaining this very well (again). I understand most of what you have said already - my confusion is about the process that someone would go though using this tool and the choices they make, in a literal click click sense and also in a broader, documentation-and-understanding way.

My understanding of the way the tool worked initially was this:

1) designer includes a local OR remote image in your template
2) when setting up template phpList gives you the chance to upload the image because it is (as you say) useful to have the image actually included in the mail

but actually it seems to be working thus

1) designer probably does not know that they can include use local image link and upload later (can fix with documentation) (or perhaps this is "common knowledge?")
2) they upload template with link to a remote image
3) phpList says they can upload this list of images, but list is empty (cause images are remote)
4) if they NOW understand that they can upload image, they must go back and change the url and then click through again to upload.

Maybe it would be better if this screen only comes up when there is something to upload? Or if it could even allow the remote image to be saved too, that would be brilliant... As it stands, the user actually has to click "Save images" even when everything is hosted remotely and there are no images to save. That I think is the source of my confusion. It seems like it is broken, but it's not :)
michiel (manager)
29-09-14 18:05

ok, yes, I guess we can make it less confusing by not making the "upload images" appear if there are no images to upload.
gingerling (administrator)
29-09-14 18:09

great. what do you think about the idea of phpList being able to rip the image from the link as an option tho?
gingerling (administrator)
02-10-14 14:35

mariez, I have that non-displaying issue again, I just see the alt-text

the code for logo is this

<td align="left" valign="middle" style="padding:10px;vertical-align:middle"><a style="color:#FFF;font-size:24px;font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-weight:bold" title="phpList" href=""><img [^] alt="" style="border: 0px;" src="" [^] /></a></td>

the logo image does not display when I view the template in my browser

Or when I put the file on my server and use it like a normal page (I know this works fine usual)

I tried changing the link a little, no joy (there was originally an extra / between .com and images)
gingerling (administrator)
02-10-14 14:36

oh wait, it was my tracker blocker

the privacy badger blocked this

gingerling (administrator)
02-10-14 14:39

I tweeted my contact at privacy badger about it will keep updated
mariez (developer)
02-10-14 17:10

Is is resolved? if it is not maybe is an html problem. You can try adding width and height to the img tag. so the code will look like this:

<td align="left" valign="middle" style="padding:10px;vertical-align:middle"><a style="color:#FFF;font-size:24px;font-family:Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-weight:bold" title="phpList" href=""><img [^] alt="" style="border: 0px;" src="" [^] width="243" height="55" /></a></td>
gingerling (administrator)
02-10-14 17:17

yes, it was a plugin blocking trackers... I am trying to establish why phpList logo is seen as tracker
michiel (manager)
06-10-14 21:56

the action on this issue is to remove the page that ask for images to upload if there aren't any.
gingerling (administrator)
16-10-14 16:00

I am not sure that this really works either. I get the following

add or edit a template

Template does not contain local images

that sounds like an error especially as there is no "continue" button. Can it go straight to the templates page instead?

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