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0017404phpList 3 applicationHTML Email Supportpublic21-06-18 13:05
Reporterhangrun Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.8 
Summary0017404: spaces in text
Descriptionthe issue 0015603 is still open
I get spaces anywhere in the text.

The source code looks good in the editor, but the result in the e-mail is wrong.

I enabled only the File Attachment functionality in addition to the "normal" Version.
Steps To Reproduceenter a simple text and send the mail


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19-09-14 22:59

administrator   ~0055095

sorry, you'll have to enter a little bit more in "Steps To Reproduce", otherwise it'll be resolved as "Unable to reproduce".

1. enter a simple text -> give an example
2. send the mail -> how do you send, smtp, mail, other?
3. expected results
4. actual results.

Also, for these kinds of things, the best option is to hack the code until you find the cause. The previous issues and their discussion may help with that. Once you found it (which sounds like something specific to your setup) everyone will be very pleased if you share that information of course, so it can be resolved in the core code.

Quite possibly the mail is altered by some anti-virus system on your server, which has nothing to do with phpList.


08-10-14 11:16

manager   ~0055334

Info from another person:

We are getting very little feedback, but here is my report. The errors are consistent in a kind of a way, meaning that if I send 10 tests to the same email, the errors are in the same place. With the emails associated with my own web sites, the errors were always spaces. Then, I sent to gmail, no problem. I was using Thunderbird for both. With, the error involved equal signs, not spaces.

I also have an email with and it arrived perfectly. I have discussed this with our web host and he believes it is an IP issue, but I don't think so. Our server is using Qmail. I have spent a lot of time testing and paid my technician to look for the problem, but it is very hard to find.


10-10-14 08:37

reporter   ~0055388

I solved the problem by changing the codepage - but it's some weeks ago and I forgot wher I changed :( sorry
i will update again, when I find it


10-10-14 09:54

administrator   ~0055389

great. Looking forward to hearing the solution!