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0017391phpList 3 applicationInterface - Editorpublic08-07-15 09:55
ReporterSkippyleGrandGourou Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.7 
Summary0017391: Format tab updates
DescriptionWhen starting a campaign, a tab of the frontend is dedicated to email format.

Currently HTML and text emails are proposed. However, checking "text", the email will be sent in HTML anyway (see

Furthermore (or is it only the French translation ?), the info box about sendformat advertises much more options, namely HTML, text, text & HTML, PDF and text & PDF.
TagsUI Improvements


related to 0017432 new We need a preview template tab/option in sending process 
related to 0017326 resolvedmichiel set default format to text only 



15-09-14 09:18

administrator   ~0054991

if you have templates, this tab also allows you to select the template to use.


08-10-14 13:51

administrator   ~0055337

btw I can't replicate "However, checking "text", the email will be sent in HTML anyway"

When I choose text, the mails are sent as text.