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0017354phpList 3 applicationBatch Processingpublic16-01-19 09:56
ReporterRiktam Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.7 
Fixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0017354: Processing queue with multiple Messages sends messages sequentially.
DescriptionIf you process a queue with 2 messages they will be send one after the other, almost in a sequential manner. In the 2.x.y version the sending of the 2 messages is interleaved.
In my opinion the interleaving in V2 is a much better strategy the the one implemented in V3.

In the log we have these kinds of entries:
14 messages sent in 10.22 seconds (4930 msgs/hr)
Processed 0 out of 18437 subscribers
Processed 14 out of 16724 subscribers

Where most of the log entries have 0 sent in the most recently unenbargoed message.

Steps To ReproduceProcess a queue with 2 messages to be sent. look at the webpage if process the queue manually to see clearly the log.

Additional InformationIf you have a time limited configured queue (for instance 900 msgs/hour).
For each attempt to send it will send mostly the message with the oldest embargo date, and if it can't send all the emails the remaining will the send mails to the second messages.
TagsConfiguration and sending



05-09-14 16:57

administrator   ~0054882

so, what do you propose ? What should happen?

I think 2.X did the same thing as 3.X except that 3.X fixed some bugs in counters, and therefore is more accurate in reporting what is actually going on. (Not entirely sure though).


09-09-14 10:23

reporter   ~0054929

I propose that on each attempt to send emails the scheduler should split the avaialble emails between the messages. For instance if in the last hour you sent 800 msgs and you can send 900/hour. In this attempt you should try to send 50 emails of each message.


09-09-14 19:47

administrator   ~0054950

That's a feature request. I can see why you want it, but that's very specific. Basically from most points of view, you'd want to send all as soon as possible. So, sending all of campaign 1 and then 2 is fine. However, in some cases, when you have two campaigns, you may want them to go out equally. But maybe others will want to have 2 only go out once 1 has been sent, etc. There are many options there.


10-09-14 16:04

reporter   ~0054961

I think that the sequential effect can be acheived with embargo dates. The parallel on the other hand can't. And if you are sure that the behaviour did not change from 2.x, than it is a feature request. Your extension of my description hints at attribuiting weightes/ priorities at Messages / Mailing List :).


08-07-15 11:49

administrator   ~0056363