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0017353phpList 3 applicationInterface - Backendpublic06-07-15 18:05
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.7 
Target Versionnext patchFixed in Version 
Summary0017353: Statistics overview encondig problem.
DescriptionOn Statistics overview webpage the campaign name is not properly written.

"Novas datas - Forma? ... eet Pramad"

In "List campaign" the campaign name shows up correcty.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a campaign named:
Novas datas - Formação em Tarot Terapêutico com Veet Pramad

send it and the look at it in the Statistics overview.
Additional InformationI've seen other entries that look like thei are properly encoded.
Maybe you re using a "substring" kind of function that counts bytes instead of characters.
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05-09-14 11:13

manager   ~0054876

is there an encoding error, or is it just that the title is cut off?

If it's an encoding error, can you upload a screenshot?

The title is cut off, so that it works better on mobile devices. That's why in many places, out put length is restricted, to make it work adaptively.


05-09-14 11:17

reporter   ~0054877

The cutoff is screwing the encoding.

The cut title is:
Novas datas - Forma? ... eet Pramad

the original title was:
Novas datas - Formação em Tarot Terapêutico com Veet Pramad


05-09-14 11:34

manager   ~0054878

ah, ok.