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0017334phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Product Version3.0.7 
Summary0017334: compact dbcheck page
DescriptionIn the database check there is are 2 colums with same content. You can see them in the attached image, the columns are "Database structure" and "check". Can i remove one of them so the table fit in the div?
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related to 0017853 assignedbacklog Make link URL column wider in stats page(s) so more of the URL can be seen 



28-08-14 23:40



30-08-14 22:28

administrator   ~0054744

Hmm, interesting. The thing is, they do indicate different data, except the data is the same. I guess we can make the 2nd column be a tick or cross to say, same or not. That will make it less wide.


01-09-14 15:15


But that's not the action in the "OK" column?


01-09-14 22:11

administrator   ~0054799

yes, I guess they can be merged. I'll check.


09-10-14 18:38

administrator   ~0055385

hmm, not really. The second column is clickable and expands into the full data structure of the table when you click on it, so that it can show a missing column


09-10-14 19:16


Ah! I see it! i will think about this table and upload a draft here.


16-10-15 16:24


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You can now hide this table on mobile devices whit the class="hide-on-mobile" and add a paragraph with the class="show-on-mobile" and the legend "This information is not available on mobile devices"

(After make the last pull-request on dressprow)