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0017320phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-11-19 22:33
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Summary0017320: Unsubscribe system overhaul.
DescriptionIn meeting we came to the conclusion that the "unsubscribe from one list means totally unsubscribing from whole installation" idea isn't satisfactory.

The replacement idea we came up with was:

- user clicks "unsubscribe" in email

- they get sent to a page with ALL the lists the are subscribed to from that install (but simpler than the current preferences page)

- They can choose individual lists to leave (list that sent them the specific mail they came from should be highlighted somehow?)

- AND there should be a really big obvious way to leave ALL lists too. A "just stop mailing me completely" type button.

Additional Information- we should clean up these pages a little too, design wise.
-the blanket unsubscribe process would be replaced by this process.
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27-08-14 16:02

manager   ~0054709

It occurred to me today that we will need to have a way to deal with non-public subscriber lists. For example, some phpList users may wish to divide their subscribers up in ways which the subscriber should not see (like "customers who spend a lot of money" type thing). Not sure how we would deal with this when we get to the detailed unsubscribe page.


27-08-14 20:16

administrator   ~0054710

that's already handled with


28-08-14 10:00

manager   ~0054711

Yeah but surely we DON'T want this to happen, I mean if I had marked a bunch of Ethical Pets customers "easy money" or something crude, so I could mail them when we really need to sell something, I wouldn't want them to SEE that when they come to unsubscribe/update.

My point was more that, as we said when the subscriber clicks unsubscribe they would instead go to a simplified preferences page, where they can unsubscribe from some lists or jumpoff completely, in that instance, private lists are a confusing issue, because the subscriber won't see them and so we have a situation where they keep getting mails and they don't know why (which is what we want to avoid)


28-08-14 11:28

administrator   ~0054712

yes, but with the config mentioned you can choose the functionality:

1. show is TRUE -> show them
2. show is FALSE -> don't show them

By default I used to have private lists be private, but someone asked for them to be available on the preferences page.

Or alternatively, we need to work on a third classification for lists.


28-08-14 11:37

manager   ~0054713

so if show is false, and the subscriber doesn't see them, then what do we action when they click unsubscribe?


1) They click unsubscribe, and jumpoff ALL lists > removed from private lists
2) The click unsubscribe and just unsubscribe from the one list they had the message from but leave the rest > they stay on all private lists?
3) They click unsubscribe and leave several lists but not all of them > they stay on all private lists?

In ethical pets, say if we have public list dog, public list cat, private list "dog easy money" private list "cat easy money" and a subscriber has a dog and a cat, and so is on all four lists. One day, they get a message about dogs but their dog recently died, so they go on the unsubscribe link and they leave the public dog list. The, a few weeks later they have get special offers about dogfood cause they are still on the private "dog easy money" list.

I guess what we would need are "related, but private" lists, so when a subscriber leaves the public list dog, they are automatically removed from the private lists about dogs.


02-09-14 12:27

administrator   ~0054817

this is a big change, and I will make that version 3.1.X

so I won't include this in 3.0.X yet.


02-09-14 13:11

manager   ~0054819

Yes, I agree. Do we have an time frame and initial feature list for 3.1 yet?


07-11-14 11:35



07-11-14 11:36

manager   ~0055611

I like the way this system does it (see image)

You click unsubscribe
A page opens, you can adjust your preferences
OR click the big red-button that stops all mail ever