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0017283phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic10-05-17 23:29
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Summary0017283: AJAX sign up form documentation and implementation
Descriptiondo text for download explaining how to use it
think for name and document use
implement any changes in 3.0.7
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related to 0017296 resolvedmichiel Text for ajax successful message 



30-07-14 12:22

manager   ~0054447

I wonder if we could arrange this like so (see image which explains it better)

* link to creating the widget is placed on the subscribe pages page

* creating the widget uses a similar formula to the subscribe page builder, but much simpler

* the title of the widget should automatically be created from the list name.

* at the end, the code is outputted in a box, which can be copied and pasted.

* when you save the created page/widget. in your subscribe page list you would have a something like "Ethical Pets - Subscribe widget 1" and the "view" button would show you the code for the page

as far as I can see the necessary details to build the ajax code are:

1) subscribe page set up for email only, and the page id
2) Text to display when subscription with an AJAX request was successful
3) Text to show in input box (leave blank if not desired)
4) text to show in box for rest of subscribers session (is this the same as two? In my image i assumed so)
5) for hosted users the url of the install is needed to replace the location of one script - we should be able to know this automatically too?

additionally, I think what we need is the option for the confirmation email to link to a page which can allow subscribers to give the full details that would be asked for on the full page. (attributes, name, etc) to keep list quality high

also note that in the current functionality, if you use the ajax form with the id of a subscribe page that asks for more than just an email, the effect it that it takes you to the full page, but auto-fills your email. This could also be some kind of option.


30-07-14 12:22


widgit.png (186,264 bytes)   
widgit.png (186,264 bytes)   


30-07-14 15:51

administrator   ~0054451

good idea. However, that's not going to make it to 3.0.7
will try to work on it though.


05-08-14 21:49

manager   ~0054508

Do you think you could just do the basics of making the code work with the scripts hosted on the download users server, so I can document it for this version.


08-10-14 18:33


sorry, but i don't understand what do you want me to do here?


08-10-14 20:22

manager   ~0055366

Not sure why M assigned this to you, m?


08-10-14 20:26

administrator   ~0055368

look at the history below. I didn't assign this to mariez, you did.

05-08-14 17:49 gingerling Assigned To michiel => mariez


08-10-14 20:30

manager   ~0055369

Oh yeah. I just saw michiel => mariez thinking that meant you assigned it. no idea why i did that, this should be assigned to you M.


23-10-14 11:20

administrator   ~0055494

can we think of a few options here, and create examples (screenshots) for them.

1. normal "email sign up" for, 1 input and 1 button
2. popover form with additional fields and the like
3. any other?


23-10-14 12:12



23-10-14 12:13

manager   ~0055497

like attached image, it pops up when you click button