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0017252phpList Internationalisation[phpList 3 application] Internationalization (l18n)public11-05-17 20:20
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version[phpList 3 application] 3.0.6 
Target Version[phpList 3 application] next patchFixed in Version 
Summary0017252: Missing translations for various strings
DescriptionToo many strings cannot be translated because of missing strings in *.po or other files.

1. Statuses of active campaign such as submitted, suspended and so on in English

2. The word "Navigation" in right sidebar have no string to translate

3. String "help" in Navigation bar cannot be translated

4. Buttons "Logout" and "Login"

5. Most of type of attributes such as textline, checkbox, textarea and so on have no translation

6. Almost all information about subscribers is essential, so needs to be translated. But at the moment there are most of strings in English ("Is this subscriber confirmed (1/0)", "RSS Frequency", "Last time password was changed" etc)

7. Buttons "resume processing" ? "stop processing" in page admin/?page=processqueue haven't translation. And in page admin/?page=processbounces statuses should be translated (PROCESSED for example).

8. Develop, plugins, and Config in main menu should be translated.

9. Only one string "sent" should be translated in admin/?page=statsoverview&id=X (where X is a id for your campaign)

10. In page admin/?page=message&id=X (where X is a id for your campaign) most of information about sent campaign in English and have no way to translate (fromfield, modified, sendstart etc).
Steps To Reproduce1. install phpList
2. choose russian language (???????) in dropdown language select menu



05-07-14 21:40


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23-07-15 10:47

manager   ~0056515

possible quick fix?


23-07-15 16:11

developer   ~0056526

this is not a quick fix, but would be great for someone to take on. The main objective is to find the strings that need translating and make them translateable. The image attached to this issue can be of help.

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