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0017240phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic18-07-14 12:16
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Product Version3.0.6 
Target Version3.0.7Fixed in Version3.0.7 
Summary0017240: Misleading fields on userhistory records
DescriptionWhen a subscriber re-subscribes after having unsubscribed, the records written to the userhistory table have some misleading fields.

The record written for the re-subscription is displayed on the Subscription details tag like this:

49 2014-06-30 10:01:10 Re-Subscription
detail http://strontian/lists/admin/?page=user&id=1

Subscribe page: 1
autoresponder_1 =
Name = Duncan resubscribing
City = London
A text area =
htmlemail = 0
*changed* from 1


The url http://strontian/lists/admin/?page=user&id=1 is wrong as it seems to say that the re-subscription was through the admin interface, users page, whereas it was on the public subscribe page.

The next record written to userhistory is like this:

50 2014-06-30 10:01:54 Removed from blacklist by padmin
detail Removed from blacklist by padmin

This is wrong as it seems to say that the administrator padmin removed the subscriber from the blacklist, whereas it was a result of a re-subscription.

The next record written to userhistory is like this:
51 xxxxxx@? 2014-06-30 10:01:55 Confirmation
detail Subscriber removed from do-not-send list for manual confirmation of subscription

This is accurate but is repeating the previous message. It would be clearer to keep this message and remove the "Removed from blacklist by padmin" message.
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30-06-14 16:30

updater   ~0054074

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The URL in the first point is written by line 214 in admin/subscribelib2.php
    $history_entry = 'http://'.getConfig("website").$GLOBALS["adminpages"].'/?page=user&id='.$userid."\n\n";

Note that Mantis seems to convert the & amp ; into an &.

Is the idea to provide a link to the subscriber page? That doesn't work because the & in the URL gets replaced by & amp ;.


30-06-14 16:41

updater   ~0054075

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The second message "Removed from blacklist by padmin" includes the admin id because the confirm link in the confirmation request email opened in browser where I was already logged-in as padmin.

Without that, the message is simply "Removed from blacklist" which is fine although is duplicated by the following message.


10-07-14 21:32

administrator   ~0054220

Yes, and as found in 0017240:0054074 I only added the link to the "user page" for convenience. Not to record the URL at which it happened.

And the done by admin was added because you were logged in as admin as well. That won't happen usually.

So, is there still something to do on this? Maybe make it clearer that the URL is to view the subscriber?


11-07-14 09:31

developer   ~0054226

At present the URL is malformed, as it is displayed with & amp ; instead of & (hopefully Mantis will not change that), and, as it is not actually a link that can be be clicked, I suggest removing it.

The admin is already viewing the details of that subscriber so it is not really adding anything. It is the same URL as the "Details" button on that page.

The second and third messages in effect are duplicated, but the third is more explicit. If the second one could be removed then there would be less clutter.
Also one message refers to blacklist, the other to do-not-send. Are these the same thing and should there be consistent wording?


18-07-14 12:16

administrator   ~0054322

yes, blacklist and do-not-send list are the same. The terminology will need updating in the translation system. I prefer do-not-send list, as it's clear what it does and has not racial problems. It's a bit historical to still have blacklist in places.

Even though the two lines are similar, the one about the admin is only there because you're admin as well as subscriber. It won't be there otherwise.