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Summary0017234: country list update
DescriptionSome former Yugoslavian countries need to be added

We got this from a contributor to info@

Thank you. Glad I could be of any help. Yugoslavia dissolved into:
- Slovenia
- Croatia
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Serbia (with disputed Kosovo)
- Montenegro and
- FYR Macedonia (FYR - Former Yugoslav Republic of; name Macedonia is disputed with the region of the same name in Greece).

Although reports a different list of former Yugoslavian countries.

Also, with all the turmoil in central Asia, loads will need to be changed. I made the list of countries 10 years ago based on the UN list at the time.

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21-06-14 00:19

administrator   ~0054006

I guess the guideline should be

but then again, we do not determine what country people feel they belong to, so we make our list as inclusive as possible. seems much better, to include eg Palestine


23-06-14 09:56

manager   ~0054010

yes, I would like to stick to wikipedia or similar.


18-07-14 10:47

administrator   ~0054319

I've made an update from

but what really should happen is have a system that can auto-update from the resources site.