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0017206phpList 3 applicationInstallationpublic11-11-20 11:19
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Summary0017206: Make clear the "/lists" directory should not be / nor have a different name
Description says: "Upload the 'lists' directory into a directory that can be accessed via the web. The rest of the files are for reference only and are not needed for phplist to work"

If I read that carefully, and now that I know how it is, I totally understand it. But was kind of confusing for me the first time.

I first understood that what is inside the "lists" directory should be the root. But that didn't work, re-reading (and seeing other phplist installations) I realized there should be a "lists" directory inside the root with the content of the lists directory from the tarball.

Maybe something like this is more clear:

"Upload the 'lists' directory to the root of your vhost. For example, if your domain for the phplist installation is "", the content of the lists directory from the tarball should be served when going to "". The rest of the files in the tarball are for reference only and are not needed for phplist to work, so don't worry about them."

? Or maybe not, I don't know :-D



04-06-14 17:51

administrator   ~0053868

It can be / or some other name, but if you do that, you need to set that in the config file as "pageroot".


04-06-14 19:40

updater   ~0053869

Ohh, ok. I have no problem to change it, but where should I do it ? Or is it assigned to me by mistake ?


04-06-14 21:32

administrator   ~0053872

yes, it's for the documentation team.


05-06-14 11:20

manager   ~0053874

firsly, what is the nature of the link with filter=90839 - what things do those bugs all have in common? You say its documentation team, is this some kind of bug list for us?

With regards to documenting this, it is going to take me some time to understand installing phpList - which is good, becuase my documentation will be better because of that - but in the mean time I have very little idea about the nature of this. I will happily address it later :)


01-09-14 18:33

manager   ~0054783

Sorry, forgot to assign this. What's that link? Tagged with documentation or something?


01-09-14 22:55

administrator   ~0054795

Sorry, that wasn't clear. I got that link by clicking "view issues" on this page:

That might be a better link to use. These are all issues with target "documentation" in the system.

You can find these on the Roadmap,


02-09-14 11:51

administrator   ~0054813

Oh, I see - do you are using the versioning system, cool!