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0017193phpList 3 applicationBatch Processingpublic16-07-14 17:44
Reporterspryte Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.6 
Target Version3.0.7Fixed in Version3.0.7 
Summary0017193: Sending Domain Batch Size + 1 emails
DescriptionIt was recognised over a year ago (see that DOMAIN_BATCH_SIZE + 1 emails are sent per domain in each DOMAIN_BATCH_PERIOD.

At the time it was accepted that domain throttling needed a complete review which is considered a task for the future.

However since the fix is a simple one applying this now would, in the meantime, make the application behave as intended.
Steps To ReproduceSet DOMAIN_BATCH_SIZE = 1 (or more) and send consecutive emails to a domain.
Additional InformationThe fix requires a one line change which in the current version 3.0.6 requires
line 994 of file admin/actions/processqueue.php to be changed from

                    $domainthrottle[$domainname]['sent'] = 0;
                    $domainthrottle[$domainname]['sent'] = 1;

to reflect that one email has just been sent when this line is executed.
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