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0017152phplist applicationUser Managementpublic18-04-14 13:32
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.5 
Target Version3.0.XFixed in Versionplugin Development 
Summary0017152: Cannot find user by their [USERID]
DescriptionphpList provides a [USERID] placeholder, that can be used for among other things, making user unique links, such as a google analytics trackable link. But no way is provided to search for the subscriber associated with the [USERID]. I would like to suggest a way to search by the [USERID] for analytics purposes.
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17-04-14 15:23

manager   ~0053529

you can load /admin/?page=user&id=[USERID] manually


17-04-14 15:33

reporter   ~0053530

That actually doesn't work.

I searched my email in PHPlist, and found a field called "uniqid" which is what [USERID] spits out.
Both of the links below fail, with any user.

However in the user's row in phpmyadmin, another field called `id` exists, which has a value of '14917' and that does hold true and work with the link you offered, admin/?page=user&id=14917.

But that `id` field is not what [USERID] outputs.

I think a search by and GET hook for uniqid are in order, and if I can help in any way, I'd like to.


17-04-14 15:50

manager   ~0053531

ah, interesting, that's a confusion on ID and UNIQID. That could do with looking at.


17-04-14 16:05

reporter   ~0053532

It would be nice to allow for both to be used as placeholders and searches/GET lookups.

The Userid gives away a little bit of info, as its an auto-increment value, so it says how many subscribers the system has, where UNIQID I believe is a completely random Md5 hash and is IMO more appropriate for a tracking ID (Its also used for the preferences pages and such)


18-04-14 13:22

developer   ~0053535

See the Subscribers plugin
It supports searching by id, by uniqid as well as by email and user attributes.


18-04-14 13:32

manager   ~0053536

cool, so all is sorted