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0017057phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic21-02-14 02:33
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.5 
Target Version3.0.6Fixed in Version3.0.6 
Summary0017057: Campaign click statistics are a bit confusing
DescriptionOn the Campaign Click Statistics page, page=mclicks&id=xx, there are a few confusing areas.

The 'Sent' column is the 'total' column from the linktrack_ml table. That column seems to hold the total number of occurences of a link within a message. This means that the figure is not usually the number of subscribers, as a link will be counted once for the html version and again for the text version of the email, and those will then be counted again if the link appears more than once in the message.

I suggest removing this column as the value does not really mean anything useful. The campaign details above the table of links already has the number of subscribers to which the message was sent.

The column heading 'clicks' is actually the number of subscribers who have clicked the link, not the total number of clicks of the link. So the heading might better be 'Subscribers' instead.

The column 'click rate' is also misleading as it is calculated using the Sent column, not the number of subscribers who were sent the message. So, because most links are counted twice the result is much less than expected. A more useful figure is the % of subscribers who have clicked the link.

The value for 'clicks' in the total line at the end of the table is also confusing. Totalling the number of subscribers who have clicked each link doesn't provide a useful figure because a subscriber will be counted once for each different link that he has clicked. The campaign details above already has the overall click rate (the % of subscribers who have clicked at least one link in the message).
I suggest removing the total line.
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08-02-14 02:05

administrator   ~0052912

I agree. I think I've already done that in other places, but seems like I missed this one.


21-02-14 02:33

administrator   ~0053099

yes, I do think the total row is confusing, but I've left it in. In a way, it's providing different informaiton that the total at the top, which may come in handy. Eg when the totals differ this is interesting.

This page really should get a graph on timeline for the clicks like