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0017042phpList 3 applicationInternationalization (l18n)public13-02-19 12:38
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Summary0017042: Improvements to pootle-terminology.po
DescriptionContext indicators need to be added to pootle-terminology.po in brackets after each term. Eg (noun) or (verb). This will help the translators in several ways and is an important task.

To make this task easier, the terminology list could be shortened (if this is possible) to remove words like "page" and "update" etc. to focus on terms like "subscriber" and "black list" and "campaign".

For more info see page 20 of Pootle manual.
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04-02-14 12:11

administrator   ~0052818

I'm happy to pass on powers to do that, but I can't do this myself. Let me know if you need access to something.


04-02-14 12:12

manager   ~0052819



12-02-14 10:48

manager   ~0052977

So I need access to the pootle-terminology.po file


12-02-14 12:55

administrator   ~0052978

I tried to check, but it's not obvious where that is. I think it's hidden inside the Pootle system.

Unless Pootle can give you access (check the docs), I think we need to park this for a while.


04-03-14 23:55

manager   ~0053227

Hey, minor update if it helps

"add a new project called terminology and add my list to the templates language and initialise it for the other languages"

Its odd - I think we are not using pootle quite right. There is supposed to be a terminlogy project. Anyway. Not urgent, just more info if it helps :)


07-03-14 04:18

administrator   ~0053251

try to work this out with rata, or assign to nobody to be dealt with when I'm back.


02-04-14 10:56

manager   ~0053436

Hi rata, we have been discussing this for a while but M is too busy and I don't understand pootle very well. This point

"add a new project called terminology and add my list to the templates language and initialise it for the other languages"

seems key. Any ideas?


03-04-14 14:35

updater   ~0053448

Where is that quote from ?

Pootle was installed by paid support from the official pootle team, so that shouldn't be an issue. We are using version 2.5.0 and the last one is 2.5.1, so that shouldn't be an issue either.

gingerling, several questions:

a) What is the real goal ? To have context indicators in brackets after each term, right ? So, where did you get the information that that needs to be done in pootle-terminology.po ?

b) What have you tried to achieve this and failed ? So I know what paths you already explored and don't duplicate the effort


08-04-14 12:27

manager   ~0053469

So rata and I spoke about this. I have made a little prgoress to this

"add a new project called terminology and add my list to the templates language and initialise it for the other languages"

I have found how to add a new project called terminology and the project type is also defined as terminology.

Not sure what to do next though. Do you have any ideas rata?


08-04-14 15:42

updater   ~0053471

Nope, just play around with a test project and see the pootle documentation is my best guess. From the quote (don't know where it is from) you should try to initialize it... :-D


13-01-15 12:41

manager   ~0055848

Hi rata, so, can you take on this task yourself.

As you can see it is very long overdue, I don't understand it at all.... but I know it WILL be very helpful when it's done.

The original notes I have are thus:

Goal: Add contextual hints to Pootle
Implementation plan:
• Establish how to achieve this
• Work with the development team and translators teams to provide the best hints (eg. Noun,
verb etc.)

As far as I understand, we end up with

* a list of key terms, for example Campaign, Subscriber, Suppression-list in the terminology project area on pootle (I already made the project!)
* each key term has hints to help it to be translated, so, Noun, Verb etc
* when the key terms for a language are translated they show up in the main translation area as hint's or auto-completed words

Now is a good time to do this task because we are shortly going to revise keyterms (removing "blacklist" etc.) If you can't do this task/don't understand then we will pay pootle staff to do it, but we should try this way first.

I have tried multiple times to get community support but the pootle community don't like me because I am not a translator and I just get lectures from people about how I will never succeed in my job... as a bi-lingual techie you may fare better!


13-01-15 15:06

updater   ~0055850

Hi Anna,

I'm quite busy this week. Should I drop something to give this a try ? Or should I finish all I have this week and if there is time to spare, try to squeeze this in?

In any case, I have some questions before trying this:

 1) What are, exactly, the steps you did and failed trying to do this ? Please tell me ALL things you tried, so I don't repeat efforts.

 2) How did you created and configure, exactly, the "Terminology" project it's there now. And why is that now working as expected, exactly where should what be seen?

 3) I don't find any test project to play with. Which one did you use for testing without messing with the "live" phplist project ?

 4) Once it is working, should *every* word on *every* translation string be classified as noun, verb, etc. ? How would this work ? Because for sure just the word is ambiguous and I really doubt this can be done without human intervention. Can you please clarify something on this ?

 5) The link you sent does not exist. I did found this googling: is it the same? The "What does this do?" part isn't clear to me that does this noun/verb thing you say. Are you sure this is it ? Here is that part, just in case:

Also, I'm not a translator either and, IMHO, this is out of scope for the tasks I should be doing, but I can try to help. Although, if the knowledge a translator has for doing the task is needed, have you considered giving some translator willing to help the permissions to do this on


13-01-15 15:57

manager   ~0055851

Hi, no, next week is fine - don't drop things, just set aside an afternoon in the next dw weeks

1) All I have done is set up the "project" now called terminology which is still there. I was told that this was a/the first step by a guy in IRC but that is all he would tell me. The documentation is the only other info I have.

2) Don't know, don't know at all - I was "stumbling blind"

3) I used the live install

4) No, it is only key terms, often menu items or main functions. The idea is to make it easy for, eg, "Campaign" to be translated the same every time it is used in a translation no matter how many people are doing the translating. Otherwise you end up with inconsistent translations. Also, a group of people can agree on the key term translation together and it will be made consistent for all cases.


13-01-15 16:00

manager   ~0055852

5) It did exist before, I assume it's the same page.

... I don't know how to help with this rata, I can't understand it well enough. It has been requested many times but no one knows how to achive it. It is supposed to be a basic part of pootle is my understanding. Translating with out it is hard.

I suggest you start from scratch with the idea "We need to set up the feature for terminology help" and ask the pootle people


13-01-15 16:03

updater   ~0055854

Can you, then, suggest me to add this to my ToDo list on next week's meeting ?


13-01-15 16:24

manager   ~0055855

Can't you just schedule it for next week now?