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0017020phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic21-10-14 15:51
Reportergernot Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.5 
Target Version3.0.6Fixed in Version3.0.4 
Summary0017020: text in menu is converted to all-lower-case which is an error in quite a few languages other than english
DescriptionI try (hard) to use phpList 3.0.5 in German.
One obstacle in the admin interface is the nice menu:

the menu changes the spelling of strings that are initially translated correctly:
e.g. pagetitles.php correctly says: "Statistik: Klicks pro Nachricht"
but in the menu it is rendered as "Statistik: klicks pro nachricht"
which is downright wrong.

Please do not change, transform or tweak the strings that come out of the language packs.
Steps To Reproduceopen $site/lists/admin.
in the language chooser, pick "Deutsch"
Hover the mouse over the "Statistics" menu
read the menu items
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20-01-14 12:34

administrator   ~0052575

I thought that had been dealt with already. It has come up before.

but it can do with a review, just to make sure


28-01-14 18:03


The "title" into the href is "Statistik: Klicks pro Nachricht", but the text is "Statistik: klicks pro nachricht.
I don't see any "lowercase" into the css to change this. If there is no "strtolower" in the php, i think this is the original string for that text.


28-01-14 20:05

reporter   ~0052683

this one looks suspicious:
      $linktext = ucfirst(strtolower($desc));
      $linktext = str_ireplace('phplist','phpList',$linktext);

I changed that to
      $linktext = $desc;
et voilá, looks much better


28-01-14 20:12


That looks suspicious to me too. Michiel, this not seem to be a design issue, but i can do this change in the repository if you want.


29-01-14 03:57

administrator   ~0052687

great you found it. Will update the code before rolling out the next version.

Thanks for all the input !


29-01-14 18:31


Change commited for next version.