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0016934phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic13-02-19 12:41
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.5 
Target Version3.0.XFixed in Version3.0.6 
Summary0016934: On some sites the page header is pushed-up
DescriptionI was puzzled after installing phplist on several sites by some having the page header pushed up beyond the top of the page. The problem appears on the login page, and also after logging-in.

see this site for a 'good' layout
and this one for a 'bad' layout

After comparing the html source of a good page with a bad page I found a couple of related issues

1) the files admin/ui/dressprow/ and both have a non-displayable character at the beginning of the file immediately before "<link". The effect of this seems to be to push the header down.

In the 3.0.5 distribution zip file the file admin/ui/dressprow/ is 1819 bytes. But viewing the file in a text editor, the length is only 1816 bytes.
The extra 3 bytes seem to be the UTF-8 representation of a unicode byte order mark, suggesting that the file has been saved in different formats and been corrupted.
After renaming the file and copying its content into a new file, so that the length is 1816 bytes, the page header was moved up to be similar to a 'bad' page.

Similarly for the file.

2) The header is moved up due to a css rule for the container div
margin-top: -10px;

I am guessing that the css rule is present to compensate for the header being moved down by the non-displayable character.
I tried disabling that rule but that doesn't quite have the right effect.

I couldn't see why some sites display correctly and others do not. I guess it is to do with the php configuration, possibly to do with unicode, so that some ignore the non displayable character. So, for a 'bad' site, the non displayable character is not sent to the browser, and the css rule then moves the header past the top of the page.
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29-10-13 20:30

administrator   ~0052374

strange one. I can't find the character and is 1910 bytes on my system.

ah, is 1,819 bytes, so maybe you meant that file.

maybe a "dos2unix" will solve it.


29-10-13 20:44

administrator   ~0052376

Reminder sent to: user5081

mariez, do you have any idea on this one?


29-10-13 21:26


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Yes Michiel, i see what duncanc is saying. and are in UTF-8, with BOM.
We should:
1- change both files to UTF-8 (no BOM),
2- replace the style #container {margin-top:-10px} for #container {margin-top:10px}
That will solve the problem.
If this is ok for you, just asign me this issue.


29-10-13 21:32

administrator   ~0052379

this dreaded BOM :-)


30-10-13 09:35

updater   ~0052380

I can confirm that the changes identified fix the problem. Both 'good' and 'bad' sites display correctly.


30-10-13 19:37


Thanks duncanc!
Change is done.