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0016923phpList 3 applicationpluginspublic17-10-13 12:44
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Product Version3.0.5 
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Summary0016923: Plugin does not install fully when the $tmpdir directory is on a different file system
DescriptionThere is a problem with the php rename() function when the source and destination directories are on different file systems.

See this Ubuntu bug report that I think explains the problem with rename().

When installing a plugin this causes the install to appear to be successful but is actually incomplete. The plugin file, e.g. myplugin.php is installed but any subdirectory fails to be copied/moved. A php warning is issued but phplist seems to have error reporting turned-off.

I noticed the problem when installing phplist and plugins for some clients, and it has also been reported in the support forum

My suggestion for a solution is to use a recursive copy (or move) function instead of rename(). There are several examples in the php documentation such as this one

I have tested using that function in place of rename on line 122 of admin/plugins.php and plugins were completely installed whereas previously only the plugin file was installed, not any subdirectory.

A stop-gap would be to enable error reporting, or at least report warnings, so that it is clearer to the user that something bad has happened.

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duplicate of 0016865 resolvedmichiel plugin installation across partitions fails 


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