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0016914phpList Internationalisation(No Category)public06-07-15 17:05
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version[phpList 3 application] 3.0.5 
Target Version[phpList 3 application] next patchFixed in Version 
Summary0016914: add support for RTL languages
Descriptionphplist.css includes tag:
html, body {text-align:left; ....
needless to say it does not fit RTL languages - which demends "text-align:right"

also, I've added "<html dir="rtl" lang="he">" to the index.php - which I found to be very helpful correcting wrong direction issues.

I suggest to add those 2 corrections in order to display Hebrew and Arabic.
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12-10-13 23:28

developer   ~0052341

could you add a list of changes required for this to work?

If you can do this with github pull requests, that would even be better.


14-10-13 18:19

reporter   ~0052345

@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
+<html dir="rtl" lang="he">

@@ -683,7 +683,7 @@ function sendEmail ($messageid,$email,$hash,$htmlpref = 0,$rssitems = array(),$f
   # check that the HTML message as proper <head> </head> and <body> </body> tags
   # some readers fail when it doesn't
   if (!preg_match("#<body.*</body>#ims",$htmlmessage)) {
- $htmlmessage = '<body>'.$htmlmessage.'</body>';
+ $htmlmessage = '<body dir="rtl">'.$htmlmessage.'</body>';
   if (!preg_match("#<head.*</head>#ims",$htmlmessage)) {
     if (!$adddefaultstyle) {

@@ -102,11 +102,11 @@ Clearing
-html, body {text-align:left; background:#f7f6f7 url("../images/page_bk.png") top left repeat-x}
+html, body {text-align:right; background:#f7f6f7 url("../images/page_bk.png") top left repeat-x}
 body.fixed {text-align:center; background: #FFF url("../images/page_bk_nomenu.png") top left repeat-x}
 #container {margin: 0 20px; min-width: 920px}
-.fixed #container {width: 920px; text-align:left; margin: 0 auto}
+.fixed #container {width: 920px; text-align:right; margin: 0 auto}
 #header {height: 106px; width: 100%}


14-10-13 20:17

developer   ~0052346

adding the github references:

7 is for the frontend HTML
8 is for an HTML message
9 is for the backend HTML

so, interestingly enough all three have a different context and will need independent solutions.


15-10-13 00:19

developer   ~0052349

can you do an upgrade from git and the dressprow UI svn repo and see if it's ok when you change to hebrew?

Also, I found the cause for hebrew not updating (I think). You are running the git version and it didn't have hebrew yet.


15-10-13 01:00

developer   ~0052350

I've now also updated it for the frontend. If you update all (including the texts folder and the dressprow) and set a subscribe page to use it should display RTL.


15-10-13 01:01


hebrew.png (47,780 bytes)
hebrew.png (47,780 bytes)

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