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0016860phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic21-06-18 13:00
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Product Version3.0.2 
Summary0016860: Emails sent to my gmail account are listed as suspicious

Every time I send an email via phplist, when it hits my gmail account, it's listed as suspicious and as possibly not coming from my account when I'm actually sending it from the phplist installation at /home/mysite/public_html/list . For each email I send it does this. This was not the case in version 2. What can I do to
Steps To ReproduceSend email to self
Receive email via gmail
Get message saying suspicious and may not come from me
Mark as unsuspicious and do so for each email received
Wash, rinse, repeat...



30-08-13 11:44

administrator   ~0052231

can you try switching click tracking off and see if that changes anything?


30-08-13 11:48

reporter   ~0052232

In the new settings I see Always add Google tracking code to campaigns
It's switched to No as of now.
In the one campaign I sent (it's done now) there was a check box for click tracking that I did have marked. In the future, if I leave that unmarked, will I not encounter this issue from your experience?


30-08-13 11:51

administrator   ~0052233

no idea, which is why I'm asking you to play with the settings to see if that changes anything

You need to switch click tracking off in your config file



30-08-13 12:41

reporter   ~0052236

Right now it is set to 0 which should be the off setting.
Would writing the word false make a difference?


30-08-13 12:55

administrator   ~0052237

no 0 or false has the same effect.

so, it's not click tracking. Weird.

Then I have no idea. Can you forward an example email where this is happening to


31-08-13 16:12

administrator   ~0052243

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I will try to analyse it, but do not expect immediate results. This may take some time to work out. I've never come across this before with Gmail, but with Thunderbird I have.

In general, these kinds of alerts happen when a link to a website is redirected to another one, which makes it look like a scam.

Eg. < a href="" >< /a >

That is why I asked you to switch click tracking off. But it wasn't on.


31-08-13 16:44

administrator   ~0052244

A quick check finds that even though you are not linking to a different website, you are linking to a different URL, one that includes the tracking codes from GA.

Instead of making the link text the URL, can you change that to be some text, eg

< a href=" .... " >Sign up to classes < /a>


21-09-13 09:23

reporter   ~0052276

The issue was my reverse DNS and SPF entries.


21-09-13 14:56

administrator   ~0052278

thanks for sharing. That would be useful to add to the Resources wiki, so marking for target documentation