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0001682phpList 3 applicationAuthentication Systempublic18-10-04 17:00
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Fixed in Version2.9.2 
Summary0001682: Unsubscribe does not requirer password
DescriptionBug 0000642 made reference to this issue and was marked resolved. While it does work (asks for a password) when a user clicks on an unsubscription link that includes their 'uid' (

If a user simply clicks the unsubscribe link on the main subscribe page ( they are only prompted for the email address and are able to unsubscribe without ever being prompted for a password.

This makes requiering a password when a 'uid' is supplied completely ineffective.

I have the following related config parameters defined:

$require_login = 1;
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07-09-04 22:07

administrator   ~0001782

what version is that?


07-09-04 22:29

reporter   ~0001783

Last edited: 07-09-04 22:30

Version 2.8.11

*edit sorry was wrong about version

edited on: 09-07-04 21:30


18-10-04 17:00

administrator   ~0002330

resolved in CVS