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0016813phpList 3 applicationInternationalization (l18n)public01-09-13 19:42
ReporterHenk van Dijk Assigned To 
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Product Version2.11.10 
Target Versioninternationalization 
Summary0016813: Menu items not translated in Dutch.
DescriptionSome menu items are not yet translated. Config, Info (main menu) and upgrade (sub-menu) are the only words in the menu that need to be translated.
Steps To ReproduceWhen I switch to English I found that the word 'upgrade' is translated. So this word is only not available in the Dutch translation. When I look at the total number of words in the translation, I find that there are 5 more words for the English 'translation' than there are in the Dutch translation. That's strange. I think 'upgrade' is one of those 5 words. Other languages have even greater difference than that.
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17-06-13 12:18

administrator   ~0052147

yes, I'm a bit puzzled about the different numbers for languages. But I think that is mostly because of the glossary. The other languages do not have a generated glossary yet.

But I'll look into the missing translation items and see why they are not showing up.

Henk van Dijk

19-06-13 06:39

reporter   ~0052149

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OK. the word 'upgrade' is available in the Dutch translation again. Can't reproduce the failure. Did you guys do anything? Not sure if the word was not there or I just could not find it. That is: I tried searching with different words in order to find the upgrade-word to translate. Even tried 'pagetitle' and scroll through the search results. Nothing then. Now it seems OK for that word.


19-06-13 12:53

administrator   ~0052150

there are some automated processes that search the source code for translation strings and add them to Pootle. These do not happen all the time. I didn't do anything, but it is possible that there is some delay between the texts being added and them showing up in Pootle.

Would be one to dig deeper into, but that may be fairly time consuming. It's to do with all the caching being done in places. I guess a delay of a week is not that bad.

Henk van Dijk

19-08-13 20:37

reporter   ~0052204

In 3.0 the config translation is not done again. Send you a picture of it.

Henk van Dijk

19-08-13 20:37


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