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0016781phpList 3 applicationpluginspublic29-04-13 18:17
Reporterprt Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.11.8 
Target Version2.11.9Fixed in Version2.11.9 
Summary0016781: Plugin FCK editor not showing while making a campain
DescriptionDefault FCK editor not showing, but the space for it is preserved
Steps To ReproduceInstall phplist, but rename the lists folder to something else.
Enable FCK editor in the the plugin section.
Create a new campaign.
FCK editor will not show up, the the space it needs will be preserved.

I found out that this is caused by renaming the lists folder to something else then default.
In file:

you will find:
LoadScript( '/lists/admin/?pi=fckphplist&page=config&action=js4' );

Change this to:
LoadScript( '/my_folder_name/admin/?pi=fckphplist&page=config&action=js4' );

Because this is a html file, and not a php file, it can not be done automatically.

Additional InformationI also tried the CKEditorPlus with incorporated kcfinder. This plugin does not have this problem. By the way, great stuff, this combination in phplist.

Only one thing. I don't know if this is the right place to mention it, but this version of CKEditor is out of the box not happy with inline styles. Inline styles are commonly used in newsletters, but CKEditor is stripping most of them. This "feature" is called ACF and can be configured so it is no longer a pain in the s.
I haven't figured out yet what the right setting should be, but a lot about it can be found on the internet.
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28-04-13 17:53

administrator   ~0052016

if you set


in your config file, it should show up. can you verify this?


28-04-13 19:11

reporter   ~0052017

Out of the box, in the config file can be found:
# you can create your own pages to slot into phpList and do certain things
# that are more specific to your situation (plugins)
# if you do this, you can specify the directory where your plugins are. It is
# useful to keep this outside the phpList system, so they are retained after
# upgrading
# there are some example plugins in the "plugins" directory inside the
# admin directory
# this directory needs to be absolute, or relative to the admin directory


# uncomment this one to see the examples in the system (and then comment the
# one above)

With other words, is was already like you suggest.
If I change this, the editor disappear in the plugin section of the backend, so this works as expected.

To make sure that I that I am clear enough.
The plugins are summed up in the plugin section of the backend. I can enable and disable FCKeditor in the plugin section (also CKEditor). But when FCKeditor is enabled, and CKEditor is disabled, creating a new campaign is not giving me a <textarea> with FCKeditor. It shows a big empty space where the editor should show up.

It looks obvious, because LoadScript( '/lists/admin/?pi=fckphplist&page=config&action=js4' ) contains a path that doesn't ecist on my server. I had to use LoadScript( '/nieuwsbrief/admin/?pi=fckphplist&page=config&action=js4' ) because I renamed the out of the box lists folder to nieuwsbrief.


29-04-13 00:24

administrator   ~0052021

ah, ok, the issue is about renaming the lists directory. Thanks, I'll check that.

Can you create another issue on the inline styles? Also, it would be really useful to write some docs about that in

It will be good to address the inline styles issue properly.