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0016750phpList 3 applicationPlugin APIpublic20-03-13 01:28
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.11.7 
Fixed in Version2.11.8 
Summary0016750: Caption used when adding a plugin link to top-level menu
DescriptionProblem found in SVN trunk version.

Adding a plugin page to one of the top-level menus does not look very good.

I added the main page of Message Statistics Plugin to the Statistics menu. It is displayed as the last item of the menu as
Messagestatisticsplugin - main

which looks poor.

I suggest that either:
the plugin should be able to provide the caption to be used in the menu, in addition to the page,
or use the "friendly" name of the plugin - the name property of the class.
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18-03-13 16:34

administrator   ~0051953

that's what the pageTitles array is for.

If you use that, does that help?


18-03-13 19:00

updater   ~0051957

Yes, that works. Will now have to read the documentation.