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0016703phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic22-08-18 16:46
Reporterdan waterloo Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformlinuxOScentosOS Version5.5
Product Version2.11.7 
Target Version2.11.8Fixed in Version2.11.8 
Summary0016703: unsubscribe/manage preference has wrong logo
Descriptionusing uilite, when user clicks on 'unsubscribe', the logo on the head banner of the unsubscribe is in orange (not gray, which would match the rest of the page for the ui lite html)
Steps To Reproduce

this shows the symptom
Additional Informationthe logo that is part of the page is located here on the hard drive: (lists2 is the root directory of the installation). shows the same orange logo.
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dan waterloo

28-10-12 12:11


phpllist_unsubscribe_page.jpg (58,945 bytes)   
phpllist_unsubscribe_page.jpg (58,945 bytes)   


28-10-12 21:07

administrator   ~0051796

did you make a clean install, with empty DB or an upgrade from a previous version?

dan waterloo

28-10-12 21:18

reporter   ~0051798

i upgraded from the previous version

dan waterloo

28-10-12 21:20

reporter   ~0051799

actually, to be more specific, I did a 'clean new install' in a different directory (admin/lists2), and the original installation is still in (admin/lists).
I pointed the new installation config file to the existing database, and it updated it to the new version.


28-10-12 21:29

administrator   ~0051800

Thanks. The main issue is that you can change the design yourself. This information is in the DB and it'll be very hard to change that.

But I guess just changing a few image names might solve it.


28-10-12 21:30

administrator   ~0051801

by the way, what was the version you upgraded from?

dan waterloo

28-10-12 21:43

reporter   ~0051802


i was thinking that I would just change the image names, but i saw the original logo and the new logo are different sizes, and also that this should most likely be 'built into' the software upate... :-)


30-10-12 19:02

administrator   ~0051807

it's not the images that are referenced, it's the CSS that's the same and needs renaming.


26-03-13 14:43

administrator   ~0051987

tidied up the style and the default subscribe page design to avoid this mixup.