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0016671phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic26-08-12 17:31
Reporterdanjfoley Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0016671: Square brackets get removed in code - conditional comments are broken.
DescriptionIf you are using conditional comments - which is a huge deal to make stuff working in Outlook and other old IE browser, content in square brackets will get removed. The system thinks it's a placeholder and gets rid of it.
Steps To ReproducePut in some conditional comments or anything in square brackets in your email that is not a placeholder. You'll see that it is GONE from the message when sent.
Additional InformationWe have to come with a way to let people put square brackets in the email when they need to. A good idea would be make people double them up.


could be entered as


And they system would know to render it as


Right now i'm removing 564 and 565 of sendemaillib.php as such

## remove any existing placeholders
#$htmlmessage = eregi_replace("\[[A-Z\. ]+\]","",$htmlmessage);
#$textmessage = eregi_replace("\[[A-Z\. ]+\]","",$textmessage);

I think the regex could be changed to remove all placeholders and just remove the extra [ and ] from doubled brackets.

Anyone have a better idea?
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10-08-12 03:28

reporter   ~0051701

if we agree double square is the way to go, or whatever we agree on i'd be glad to code the fix myself. Let me know.


23-08-12 18:40

updater   ~0051702

The problem is that, after processing placeholders, the code removes anything remaining between square brackets. I guess it thinks that they are unrecognised placeholders.
The simplest change is just not to remove those. This is actually more useful as if a placeholder has been mis-spelt then it remains in the message body.


23-08-12 19:02

reporter   ~0051703

Then the 2 lines that i removed should be removed from the code. I agree it could be more useful to notice when you misspelled a placeholder.


26-08-12 17:30

administrator   ~0051706

Yes, I agree, let's simply not do a "clean up". I'll do this in 2.11


26-08-12 17:31

administrator   ~0051707