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0001667phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic03-12-04 23:49
Reportersfpuppy Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary0001667: Improper use of the require_once command
DescriptionBlank subscription pages seem to be caused by the improper form of the require_once command in two files. configure.php and plugin.php require:

require_once dirname(___FILE___)."/accesscheck.php"

instead of:

require_once "accesscheck.php"
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18-10-04 16:07

administrator   ~0002328

I don't agree with the diagnosis. Can you elaborate, and mention your php version.


19-10-04 16:03

reporter   ~0002347

Actually nothing that I tried from suggestion in the mailing list worked, I was delighted with PHPList, but it was actually broken and would not take any interaction from my subscribers, as none of the pages showed up. Then, somone on the forum said two files needed the full form of require_once. When I added the line to the two files my site was working once again and my subscribers could interact with their information. I have noticed that the lines are actually changed in the latest version of PHPList so I have upgraded and am happy with PHPList. I am not familiar with PHP code so I can't say much about it. When I get home form my current trip I will reply with more information about my individual situation, PHP version etc.