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0016635phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic30-05-13 22:53
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Status resolvedResolutionnot fixable 
Platformw2kOSw2kOS Versionw2k
Product Version2.10.18 
Target Versioninternationalization 
Summary0016635: file bounce.php whatever be the language used
DescriptionWhen you are working on the bounces, and if there are other bounces left, at a certain point, there is a double message which comes out on the same line. The message is as follows :
Back to the list of bounces Edit user.

This is coming from file bounce.php where there must be two options which are showed together.
In order to make it clearer, I have changed the translation file in english and in french.
I had to add a line in the file bounce.php for the language which is as follows : 'Edit user'
In english it comes out as follows when the sheet comes out :
Back to the list of bounces - or Edit the details of the user.

In fact in the english file of bounce.php for language I had to add the following line at the end :

'Edit user' => 'or Edit the details of the user.',

But there is a problem, this line comes out also in an other part of the bounces when we do not need it.

Making some bounces, you will see how it comes out.
Join you the file bounce.php for english language which includes the addendum.

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29-05-12 05:00


bounce.php (1,587 bytes)   
$lan = array(
  "NoRecord" => "No such record",
  "BackToBList" => "Back to the list of bounces - ",
  "NotFound" => "Not Found<br/>",
  "AddedToB" => "Added %s to bouncecount for user %s<br/>",
  "NotAddedToB" => "Could not add %s to bouncecount for user %s<br/>",
  "MadeUnconfirmed" => "Made user %s unconfirmed<br/>",
  "MadeUserRText" => "Made user %s to receive text<br/>",
  "DelUser" => "Deleted user %s<br/>",
  "DeletingB" => "Deleting bounce %s.",
  "DoneAndLoading" => " Done, loading next bounce.",
  "NoSRecord" => "No such Record",
  "PossibleActions" => "Possible Actions:",
  "ForUser" => "For user with email",
  "IncreaseB" => "Increase bouncecount with",
  "IncreaseBNote" => "(use negative numbers to decrease)",
  "MarkAsUnconfirmed" => "Mark user as unconfirmed",
  "MarkAsUnconfirmedNote" => "(so you can resend the request for confirmation)",
  "SetReceiveText" => "Set user to receive text instead of HTML",
  "DelUser1" => "Delete user",
  "DelAndGo" => "Delete this bounce and go to the next",
  "DoAbove" => "Do the above",
  "BounceDetails" => "Bounce Details:",
  "ID" => "ID",
  "Date" => "Date",
  "Status" => "Status",
  "Comment" => "Comment",
  "Header" => "Header",
  "Body" => "Body",
  # new in 2.9.5
  'Regular Expression' => 'Regular Expression',
  'Action' => 'Action',
  'Memo for this rule' => 'Memo for this rule',
  'Add new Rule' => 'Add new Rule',
  'Create New Rule based on this bounce' => 'Create New Rule based on this bounce',
  'Edit user' => 'or Edit the details of the user.',
bounce.php (1,587 bytes)   


30-05-13 22:53

administrator   ~0052065

please check 2.11.10 if this is still the case