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0016631phpList 3 applicationInternationalization (l18n)public30-05-13 22:58
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Platformw2kOSw2kOS Versionw2k
Product Version2.10.18 
Target VersioninternationalizationFixed in Version 
Summary0016631: new file export.php under admin.
Description- A new export.php file has been issued.
 Problem it does not work correctly.

Moreover some basic terms are used in both files (old one and new one), but they are written in a different way. I have noticed two expressions :

a)'DateFrom'- 'DateTo' in one file
b)'Date From:' - 'Date To:' in the other file.

I thought there was a central thinking in that program.

Anyway, I have set up a new export.php for english language on which people can rely for translation and that file includes all the terms used in the two files export.php (old one and new one).
Some carriages returns have been added in order to have the sheet clearer for administrators whatever be the file used.

Included file export.php which can be copied into lan - en.

The previous one was not correct for both files.

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24-05-12 20:25


export.php (2,031 bytes)