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0016575phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Importpublic22-05-12 13:54
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Product Version2.11.6 
Summary0016575: Error: Running DEV version, but developer_email not set
DescriptionRunning 2.11.6 (not an option in "Product Version".

This error is shown when trying to add a new subscriber to any list:

Error: Running DEV version, but developer_email not set

This is fixable by by adding the following to config.php:

define(DEVVERSION, 0);

This is a nasty workaround however, as the running version is in fact a dev version. I don't know of any way to set the developer email, or what impact doing so would have.

Please either remove this check, or add a check for the required dev email during installation, or at least add a way to set the email from the configuration pages. Thanks!
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duplicate of 0015588 resolvedmichiel Send process requires change to test mode then back to send 



29-03-12 15:40

administrator   ~0051533

that's strange. I think that version detects "dev" from the VERSION define in "connect.php". Check that it's set to 2.11.6 and not to "2.11.6-dev".

Setting developer_email can be done in the config file:

$developer_email = 'email address';

However, that will cause all emails to be sent to this address, which is probably not what you want.


29-03-12 16:43

administrator   ~0051536

OK, that's useful. But isn't this a bug if PHPList dev versions are publicly downloadable / usable, but they cannot actually be used for sending messages unless undocumented vars are added to config.php?

Solutions might be:
- Don't use -dev for versions publicly available, even if they're dev versions
- Require users to choose whether dev mode is enabled during installation
- Add a notice on the dashboard about dev mode being enabled with a link to change this
- Don't allow dev mode to be enabled without a dev email being configured
- Don't require a dev-email for adding subscribers in dev mode

Just my 2c.


29-03-12 21:28

administrator   ~0051538

yes, that would be a bug, which is why I'm confused you encountered this. 2.11.6 is actually already fairly old, and it's not been reported before. I have installed it in several places.

Solution is (a) do not use dev for public versions.