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0016572phpList 3 applicationDocumentationpublic13-02-19 12:26
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Product Version2.10.17 
Summary0016572: The user tranfers a message to a third party,
Descriptionthis is possible with that configuration :
define("FORWARD_EMAIL_COUNT",3); => can send to three people

Can also add a personnal comment :
define("FORWARD_PERSONAL_NOTE_SIZE",150); => the window opened is bigger than the number of characters allowed (secondary)

but if at the same time, you use that possibility :
in using :

then, the message is not transfered an only the personnal note is sent.

Some more explanations would be welcome in the config.php. In fact, I have been loosing three days on that rubbish problem. When adding a note, messages were not transfered.
In fact, it runs fairly well provided you use 0 in the third command line.

Best regards

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28-03-12 03:37

reporter   ~0051530

When you transfer a message to a third party, on the screen you have the following message :
mail adress : the message has been transfered.

In fact, it should be written : the message has been transferted to : mail adress.


28-03-12 11:12

administrator   ~0051531

FORWARD_ALTERNATIVE_CONTENT adds an additional tab to the send message page, where you can enter the content that will be sent when the message is forwarded. You'll need to put content in there for anything to be sent.