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0016524phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic30-05-13 21:39
Reporterdleigh Assigned To 
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Product Version2.10.17 
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Summary0016524: Number of rows listed in results
DescriptionSince I've been with PHPLIST, I've hacked the code that limits how many rows can be returned in a given query (like listing all the users, etc.) The hardcoded "50" has annoyed me for some time and I keep hoping that subsequent versions will make it a configurable parameter (either via the configuration page or the config.php file). So now I'm not wishing anymore, I'm asking!

Please make the number of rows that can be returned on any/all the lists either exactly configurable or with a small listbox to allow the user to choose (e.g. "50","100","250","500","all"). Please make "all rows" one of the choices.

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07-02-12 03:04

administrator   ~0051456

the limit is mostly there to ensure it's not running out of memory. All is unlikely to work for larger installations, eg 10k+ users.

Instead, the facebook type Ajaxing the next lot when you scroll down might be nice, and yes, a few options to have more on a page could be done (Google style)


07-02-12 06:41

reporter   ~0051457

I appreciate the issue of the "all" being too big for many installations (mine's about 900 so it's not a huge issue). Would appreciate something like the ajax solution. That makes me think of the Firefox AutoPager plugin that I have installed. I shall have to configure it for my phplist lists as I wait for 2.11.x.

With those options for the page, make sure that you can defaut/configure them so that one can set the amount that works and not have to set it each time.

Thank you.


07-02-12 21:25

administrator   ~0051458

If I remember well, (but not sure), the NUM_USER_PP or whatever the paging limit is called is a constant. That means that if you set it in your config file (define('NUM_USER_PP',100000) it will work

that's the nice thing about using constants as opposed to variables. With constants the first define determines the value, as opposed to variables where it's the last.


30-05-13 21:39

administrator   ~0052058

you may want to consider cloning the git project and sending a pull request. Would be best to make it either the ajax solution or a dropdown of limits. Just a change of the current limit would not be sufficient.