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0015675phpList 3 applicationInterface - Administratorpublic23-05-12 16:05
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PlatformPhplist 2.10OSw2kOS Versionw2k
Product Version2.10.17 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0015675: When installing data base for the first time
Descriptiona message is sent as follows :
Error: Database has not been initialised ,go to initialise database to continue.

This is clear and is translated in all language.
In my opinion, message should be : click on that link to initialise database.

Complete message could be :

Your database has not been initalised : click on that link to initialise it.

Then an error message is automaticaly sent... ; in fact, the process is normal and there is no error. The base has been loaded, then it must be initialized.

When all is done, it could be good to send a message : everything is installed or is ok... as you want.
Well, in my translation I have changed it in that way :
Error or small minor problem : your database has not been initialized (clic on that link) to go on.

Erreur ou petit problème mineur : La base n'a pas été initialisée ,aller à initialiser base de données (cliquez sur ce lien) pour continuer

Best regards
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15-02-12 22:04

administrator   ~0051465

Not sure, it's generally considered bad to use "click this link" as the link to click. Mostly for eg blind people for who the page is read out and it will say "click this link" and they won't know why.

So, instead, in general it's better to link around the actual thing that will happen, if you click it.


16-02-12 04:08

reporter   ~0051468

Message seen on screen is as follows (for the first connexion : loading the files):
Database has not been initialised' 'go to' 'Initialise Database'

In fact, it is right and it is wrong.

The files of the database have been loaded, but the indexes or an other thing must be finished. There is no error, but we are at the middle of the journey to do.

Could be turned in that way : Your database is loaded on the server, go on to finish.
I understand the problem of blind people, but normally they have a system by which they have the sound of what is written.

In fact, I have turned it in a different manner, but the beginning of the line comes always with the word Error.


16-02-12 04:20

administrator   ~0051469

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ah, ok, yes, it may be good to remove the word "Error".

But you do have to be aware that the database is completely empty at this stage. There's nothing there, just the database, and all the tables, columns and initial data have to be created. So, as far as the application is concerned that's not right. It wants some stuff to deal with, and didn't find anything.


16-02-12 13:36

reporter   ~0051470

Yes, we know it is empty, but starting to run.
Good issue should be to remove the term Error, and it will be ok.

Best regards