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0015638phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic20-09-11 14:32
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.16 
Fixed in Version2.10.17 
Summary0015638: The config file entry EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALIDATION_LEVEL was removed in 2.10.14
DescriptionThere was a post in the forums asking about user email address validation, , and after looking at the source code for 2.10.16 I found that the config file entry EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALIDATION_LEVEL was no longer being used although I had seen it in the past.
Looking through older releases it appears that the function is_email() in userlib.php changed between 2.10.13 and 2.10.14 to remove any reference to EMAIL_ADDRESS_VALIDATION_LEVEL.
The change log for 2.10.14 does not mention this so I'm guessing that its removal was a mistake.

The is_email() function uses a variable $GLOBALS["config"]["dont_require_validemail"], but there's no documentation on how to set this variable. Indeed, it appears not be set anywhere in the source code.
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20-09-11 14:32

administrator   ~0051404

yes, the whole commonlib stuff is very confusing, and it'll be good to merge it in one place. re-committed it.