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0015619phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic04-06-13 14:31
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Product Version2.10.14 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0015619: building a debian package

I intend to package PHPList to be included in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.

While packaging version 2.10.14, I've spotted VERSION file contains outdated information.

For version 2.10.14 VERSION file reads:

 # file that keeps track of the latest tag in cvs and the corresponding version
 # this automates publishing a new version, when it's tagged
 # if you don't understand this, don't worry. You don't need this file

Thanks in advance.
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08-07-11 13:53

administrator   ~0051365

Reminder sent to: user4439

ah, sure. Are you planning to use that file? Then I can make sure it's up to date.

It's not really used in the packaged version. Basically, when I package phpList, I run a shell script that replaces all "define("VERSION","XXX") with the actual version decided at that moment.

By the way, there may be a need to discuss packaging it for Debian. We've looked into it before, and there are a few things that are tricky, to comply with the Debian package policies.

It's mostly to do with the inclusion of 3rd party code.

phpList uses quite a few, being fckeditor, phpmailer, onyx-rss (although that doesn't exist any longer) and probably more when you also start looking at the dev versions, eg jQuery and jQueryUI.

copying "jrms" into this thread as well.


08-07-11 14:01

reporter   ~0051366

I'll try to work with the .tar.gz (untouched) you provide.

I'm still inspecting files and right, I've spotted a few issues regarding old-verions on 3rd party software.

To discuss Debian packaging you prefer to do it in Mantis, Forum, or by email?

Thanks in advance.


08-07-11 17:57

administrator   ~0051368

I personally prefer mantis. I hardy ever visit the forums


08-07-11 19:03

reporter   ~0051369

Mee too. Mantis then.


12-07-11 15:27

administrator   ~0051376

it will be good to identify issues with packaging for Debian, so feel free to post things.

things i can think of are:

1. third party packages - and their apt counterparts
- (f)ckeditor
- phpmailer
- jQuery (only in dev code)


19-07-11 19:19


Filesystem layout is one of the things to bare in mind. Configuration files under /etc/phplist for example.


19-07-11 19:36

reporter   ~0051380

FYI: I'm ding the package development under Debian's Git repository [0]

The filesystem layout is not an issue, outdated third party software is on top of that issue for now.

I'll let you know any progress.




19-07-11 19:37

administrator   ~0051381

yes, and presumably all the code under /usr/share/phplist ?

in a way only the php files in lists and the index.php in /admin/ need to be accessible from the internet. All the other files are included and we'd need to make the path a config.

I've already started a little on that in the trunk code, and I'd prefer not to hack around to much in the stable code.


19-07-11 19:43

reporter   ~0051382

No hacking on the stable brach would be necessary if no major issues appears.

Issues related to paths will be handled via patches into the Debian package itself.